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Because the early 2000s, zombies have more and more swarmed the panorama of pop culture, with ever extra varied representations of the undead being imagined. more and more zombie narratives have brought sexual issues, endowing the dwelling useless with their very own sexual id. The disagreeable proposal of the sexual zombie is itself provocative, triggering questions about the character of hope, intercourse, sexuality, and the politics of our sexual behaviors. notwithstanding, the idea of zombie intercourse has been mostly unaddressed in scholarship.

This assortment addresses that unexamined element of zombiedom, with essays enticing numerous media texts, together with picture novels, movies, tv, pornography, literature, and web meme tradition. The essayists are students from a number of disciplines, together with background, theology, movie reviews, and gender and queer experiences. overlaying The jogging lifeless, hot our bodies, and Bruce LaBruce's zombie-porn videos, this paintings investigates the cultural, political and philosophical matters raised by way of undead intercourse and zombie sexuality.

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The mistress of the house meanwhile suffers her own sexual humiliation, having to share Serge’s sexual favors with her servant. Tellingly, the impression of sexual exploitation continues once the mistress of the house is dead and zombified. When she has become a zombie, she moves naked and vulnerable through the “Scottish” countryside, her body on display to the men pursuing her. Her brain is dead and she no longer alert to their gaze. While this state may mean she is free from the humiliation she would have felt when alive and objectified by Serge, she nonetheless remains a sexual object.

Like the undead zombie who must eat the flesh of the living, the Christian believer must eat the flesh of Jesus in order to be resurrected to eternal life. It is noteworthy that, whereas the first Romero zombie to rise bestows the immortality of the undead upon others by eating their flesh, the resurrected Jesus bestows immortality on his followers through their consumption of his flesh. This important difference will become apparent in the discussion of Queer Zombie Jesus later in this essay. For now, though, I wish to consider in more detail the meaning of eating Jesus’ flesh.

Identity politics too often reifies the categories that it recognizes as social constructs; by deconstructing these categories, Zombie Jesus offers a way of thinking through the contradiction. Meanwhile, some Christians utilize the freedom of identity in Christ as an argument against individual identities of which they disapprove. This freedom is conceptualized solely as “freedom from,” erasing identities which nonetheless continue to exist in social reality. A female Christian Take, Eat, These Are My Brains—Thornton 33 might be free from any gender bias before God, but she is still subject to sexism in a misogynistic society.

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