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By Roberto Calasso

The wedding OF CADMUS AND concord is a ebook with none sleek parallel. Forming an energetic hyperlink in a sequence that reaches again via Ovid's METAMORPHOSES on to Homer, Roberto Calasso's re-exploration of the wonderful fables and mysteries we could in simple terms imagine we all know explodes the complete global of Greek mythology, items it again jointly, and offers it to us in a brand new, and marvelous, and completely contempory approach.

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And Dionysus found himself melting like a woman. He had never felt so powerless. The idea of talking to the girl seemed as pointless as talking to an oak tree. But a hamadryad living in the roots of a pine told him 31 what he needed to know: he would never lie down with Aura in a bed. Only in the forest and only if he bound her hands and feet would he ever be able to possess her. And he should remember not to leave her any gifts. While the exhausted Dionysus was sleeping, Ariadne ap­ peared to him again.

Eager to know whether they were speaking to a real god, they sacrificed a child and mixed his flesh with that of the sacred victims, thinking that if the stranger was a god he would discover what they had done . " Furious, Zeus pushed over the table. That table was the ecliptic plane, which from that day on would be forever tilted. There followed the most tremendous flood. After that banquet, Zeus made only rare appearances as the Unknown Guest. The role passed, for the most part, to other gods.

On another hot, sultry day, Aura was leading Artemis's chariot toward the Sangarius waterfalls, where the goddess planned to bathe. Running beside the chariot, the goddess's maids had taken their bands from their foreheads and were lifting up the hems of their tunics, showing their knees. They were the Hyperborean virgins. Opis lifted Artemis's bow from her shoulders, and Hekaerge took her quiver. Loxo un­ tied her boots. Artemis stepped carefully into the water. She kept her legs tight together, lifting her tunic off only as the water began to lap at it.

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