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Swirling among eras and continents, Mortal Love is an extreme novel of unforgettable characters stuck in a whirlwind of paintings, love, and intrigue. Mercurial Larkin Meade may perhaps carry the foremost to misplaced creative masterpieces, and to secrets and techniques too devastating to visualize. Is there an timeless second? An immortal muse? Is there ... an angel of dying?

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Flood At the time of creation in Norse mythology, the giant Ymir was killed by the gods. His spurting blood created a flood. All the giants were drowned except Bergelmir and his wife, who created a new race of giants. Oceans, seas, and lakes were formed from Ymir’s blood. Stories of floods occur in many mythologies around the world, from India and Russia to New Guinea and North and South America. Folkvang (Folkvangr; People Field; Field of the Folk) The part of Asgard that belonged to the goddess Freya.

He is mentioned and named only in the Voluspa, a poem in the Poetic Edda. In that poem, Eggther, called “the joyous,” sat upon a hill and played his harp while the cock Fjalar crowed to awaken the giants for this final battle. Earth Mother (Earth Goddess) A general name for a female spirit or deity worshipped by peoples all over the world. Believers prayed to her for fine weather and good crops, for food and shelter, and for numerous sons and daughters. In Norse mythology, the first Earth goddesses had no distinct form but later were identified with Jord, Fjorgyn (1), Frigg, and Freya.

The manuscript number for this portion is GKS 2367 4to. Until 1971, the manuscript was preserved in the Royal Library of Copenhagen, Denmark. In that year, it was returned Iceland and is now in the Árni Magnússon Institute in Reykjavik. cauldron A large pot or kettle used for boiling. In “Thor and Hymir Go Fishing,” Thor goes in search of Hymir’s huge cauldron because the gods need it for brewing ale. Later, in “Loki’s Mocking,” (see under Loki), the sea god Aegir gives a banquet for the gods. He brews the ale in the cauldron that Thor and Tyr took from Hymir.

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