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Lucid, self-contained exposition of the speculation of standard differential equations and fundamental equations. specially distinct remedy of the boundary price challenge of moment order linear usual differential equations. different issues contain Fredholm quintessential equations, Volterra quintessential equations, even more.

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Without accounting for the hydrodynamics part, it has been proved that with appropriated assumptions, the reduced system @ E @t r: Â c C 3. Te /d : 0 is well-posed; see [8]. But the full system is quite difficult to handle. There is also a simpler radiative model called the gray-diffusion approximation which may be derived from the previous one by making some elementary closures. We emphasize it now (disregarding the Compton effect). Te / E /d for the emission/absorption phenomena is simply Er /.

Proof of Proposition 4. We will use the following lemmas, the proof of which is given below. 34 2 Quasi-Neutrality and Magneto-Hydrodynamics Lemma 1. 62) ‚ C ‚ D 0; @ supplemented with the boundary conditionW ‚ j€1 D 1; ‚ j€2 D 0; @n ‚ j@On€1 [€2 D 0: Then, we have ˇ Z ˇ Z ˇ @‚ ˇ 1 1 ˇ ˇ (iii) ‚ ÄC ; (ii) kr‚ k Ä C0 ; (i) ˇ @n ˇ Ä C1 : O @O Lemma 2. 43). B1 ; B2 / C kF k1 /T1 C C6 So we see that kˆ follows. 2 : F k2 D O. / and the remaining part of the proposition Proof of the Lemma 1. x/ the distance from x to the boundary €1 .

On momentum equation [E2T J(ii)], since the current is curl B= 0 ; we display the magnetic pressure tensor r:PB : Then, we get the following system for the evolution of ; U; "0 ; "e ; B 4 As a matter of fact, the electric resistivity is defined as textbooks. B:r/U C curl . 81). Of course, we may state this system in an Euler framework, it suffices to replace equation (i) by @ C r:. U/ D 0 @t D X by and in the other equations to replace Dt equation reads as @ @t . X / C r:. B:r/UCcurl . curlB/ D curl curl @t qe Ne qe Ne curlB 0 B Ã In equation (v), the quadratic term (curl B B), which is related to the Hall effect, may be neglected if the magnetic field is not very strong.

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