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Realize the adventures of heroes and monsters that exist on the earth of legendary and magical creatures!

Stories were instructed on each continent because the sunrise of time, and a few have lasted for millions of years, changing into what we all know this present day as myths. those fantastical stories train and fascinate by means of growing awesome worlds and inhabiting them with wondrous feats of heroics and dastardly deeds of evil. Children's booklet of legendary Beasts & Magical Monsters offers kids the chance to find those tales, and encourages them to appreciate storytelling from diversified cultures.

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Glue on shaped pieces of cardboard for Thunderbird’s beak, ears, and wings, and for the whale’s face and tail. Then decorate with pieces of sticky colored paper. 59 AROUND THE WORLD Monsters of the deep In centuries past, it was common for sailors to return from long sea voyages with terrifying stories of huge sea creatures. Some may have been figments of imagination, but others may have simply been a sailor’s first-ever sighting of a real sea creature such as a whale or giant squid. ▶ Kraken, Northern Europe Sailors lived in fear of the Kraken, a huge sea monster that could devour ships and sailors.

He marked the central pillar and then leaped back, landing in Buddha’s palm. Turning around, he saw that Buddha’s middle finger was marked. Monkey had lost the bet. 64 Monkey King’s mischief In Chinese myths, one of the most loved characters is the mischievous Monkey King, Su Wukong. His escapades are told in a long novel known as The Journey to the West. M onkey was clever—he could transform himself into 72 forms. He was agile—he could travel on clouds, leaping thousands of miles in a single somersault and was an unbeatable opponent in martial arts.

Then stick the tracing paper onto cardboard and cut around the shapes. Tape your puppets onto sticks and you’re ready to go! Once Quetzalcoatl had sobered up, he burned his palace and ordered the birds to leave the land. Then he made a raft of snakes and set himself adrift on the Atlantic Ocean. As he drifted toward the Sun, his body was destroyed by fire. His heart rose up to become the planet Venus, the morning star. Tezcatlipoca had finally gotten his wish and had destroyed his brother. However, before Quetzalcoatl left, he vowed that one day he would return and rule over a peaceful and contented kingdom.

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