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By William Gray

Learn the way you could deal constructively with the forces of darkness via a step by step strategy to convert damaging energies into confident non secular gentle. This publication comprises an up-to-date, sensible model of the medieval ritual of Abra-Melin.

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Between Good & Evil: Polarities of Power

Find out how you could deal constructively with the forces of darkness via a step by step strategy to convert destructive energies into optimistic religious mild. This e-book includes an up to date, sensible model of the medieval ritual of Abra-Melin.

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Just as we can "become God" by absorption into the Absolute when we become True Selves, so may we do the diametrical opposite and insinuate our Pseudoselves into the spiritual structure of the Alternative Being associated with the antithesis of Beneficence and Harmony. We can also "become the Devil," providing we are prepared to pay the asking price for ourselves. In a way, this is not unlike becoming a cancer or an infection of AIDS. The invading organism has a wonderful time while the victim lasts, but in killing that individual it destroys itself in the long run.

History alone has the answer in its handbag, so to speak. Perhaps one of the oddest angles of approach was that of medieval magicians, who presumed it was a good idea to make Demons do their dirty work by invoking Angels with sufficient authority to compel such activity. Exactly why they would assume that an Angel of God would command Demons to obey the whims of human beings is not quite clear, yet such was the supposition, and the grimoires of that period are full of schemes for that plan. At the same time one cannot help thinking that, in effect, such is exactly what we have done with energies that might easily destroy us.

It is quite clearly a case of EITHER/OR in the strongest possible terms. Either we learn how to harness the horrors of Hell and use them to our advantage, or Satan uses us up to fuel his own furnaces, producing power for his particular purposes. " Life is full of alternatives, beginning with the serpent choice between Good and Evil, but sometimes it can be very difficult to decide which is which. At least if a reasonably clear concept could be made of a Satan-symbol, and an equally definite one made of its Divine opposite, those might be used as headings, so to speak, for the categories of our consciousness under which could be classified our concepts of Good and Evil, Right and Wrong.

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