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By Lawrence E. Joseph

Don’t glance up

It won’t aid. You can’t get out of how, you can’t dig a gap deep sufficient to conceal. the tip is coming, and there’s not anything you are able to do approximately it.

So why learn this book?
Because you can’t glance away whilst not only the spiritual lovers are asserting we’re all going to be destroyed however the scientists are in at the act too. Here’s what they’re saying:

We’re 1000000 years over due for a mass extinction.

The sunlight at radiation minimal is appearing a lot worse than at sun greatest, and one misdirected spewing of plasma may possibly fry us in an instant.

The magnetic field—which shields us from damaging radiation—is constructing a mysterious crack.

Our sunlight approach is getting into an energetically adversarial a part of the galaxy.

The Yellowstone supervolcano is on the point of blow, and if it does, we will be able to wait for nuclear wintry weather and ninety percentage annihilation.

The Maya, the world’s maximum timekeepers ever, say it’s all going to forestall on December 21, 2012.

So, see? There’s not anything you are able to do, yet it's possible you'll in addition relax and luxuriate in the convey.

You’ll get a very good chuckle.
That’s why you'll want to learn this book.

Dear Reader,

If there have been an opportunity that beginning this booklet might trigger a series of occasions that may result in Apocalypse, to the top of lifestyles as we all know it, could you be tempted? Finger poised uncertainly above the flashing purple button? How approximately if the Apocalypse promised to bring about a brand new age of enlightenment, a Heaven on the earth like by no means sooner than?

Personally, I’ll take the protection of my comfortable existence over an opportunity at nirvana. yet established order may well now not be an alternative, for any people. This booklet will persuade you that there's a nonnegligible likelihood that the yr 2012 should be extra tumultuous, catastrophic, and, really very likely, revelatory, than the other 12 months in human historical past.

Parts of this publication are top learn with a bowl of popcorn: having a look into the jaws of an excellent white shark looking for the which means of dying; traveling a picturesque Guatemalan city with Mayan shaman simply weeks prior to it really is completely destroyed. different sections pass larger with a tranquilizer, equivalent to the upcoming eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano, or the mass extinction headed our way—on the dimensions of the nice collision that destroyed the dinosaurs and 70 percentage of all different species, our greatest scientists contend that it’s now late. Nail-biters should still watch out the truth that the following height within the sunspot cycle, due in 2012, is extensively anticipated to set files for the quantity and depth of sun storms pummeling the Earth with radiation and igniting usual calamities corresponding to earthquakes, volcanoes, and Katrina-sized hurricanes. And that our whole sun method seems to be getting into a deadly interstellar power cloud.

Is it a accident that the burgeoning battle among Christianity and Islam turns out hell-bent for Armageddon? Or that a number of different religions, philosophies, and cultural traditions are signaling that the tip is close to, with 2012 rising because the consensus goal date? a brand new period is ready to be born, with the entire soreness and blood and pleasure and unencumber that beginning clearly involves.

Facing oblivion, or not less than mega-metamorphosis, is anything that few people are emotionally ready to do. hence my excuse for the gallows humor that pervades this tale. In a memorable Mary Tyler Moore episode, Mary cracks up giggling on the funeral of Chuckles the Clown who, dressed as a peanut whereas marching in a parade, used to be shucked to dying by means of an elephant. If Mary can snicker within the face of demise, so can we.

With type regards,
Lawrence E. Joseph

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This works out nicely, at least for those of us in the northern half of the world, because we are getting that extra 6 percent boost of solar energy right in the dead of winter. This cozy situation won’t last forever, Milankovitch observed. As the north polestar shifts from Polaris to Vega, the orientation of the Earth toward the Sun also changes, to a situation where perihelion will come during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer solstice, meaning that we’ll be getting our energy W H Y 2 0 1 2 , 29 E X A C T L Y ?

All the violence, disease, and degradation? S. ” According to the report from the New York Times 48 A P O C A L Y P S E 2 0 1 2 News Service, the soldiers, one killed and three injured, had entered the Baghdad neighborhood to warn residents that there was an explosive device in the area. On the other hand, do we, the same species that sets off those car bombs, deserve all the wonders of romance, the beauty of Nature, the sweet love of little children? Couldn’t really say who deserves what. But I’d bet heavily that, in a straight-up global vote, the Almighty’s proposition to give humanity exactly what it deserved, no more, no less, would pass overwhelmingly.

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