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By Charles C. Jones Jr.

A Dan Josselyn Memorial Publication

This reissue of Charles Jones's vintage investigations of the Mound developers can be a useful source for archaeologists today.

Long a vintage of southeastern archaeology, Charles Jones'sAntiquities of the Southern Indians used to be a groundbreaking paintings that associated historical tribes with prehistoric "antiquities." released in 1873, it predated the paintings of Cyrus Thomas and Clarence Moore and continues to be a wealthy source for contemporary scholars.

Jones was once a pioneer of archaeology who not just excavated vital websites but additionally comparable his findings to different websites, to modern Indians, and to artifacts from different parts. His paintings covers the entire southeastern states, from Virginia to Louisiana, and is famous for its insights into the De Soto excursion and the heritage of the Creek Indians.

Best identified for refuting the preferred fable of the Mound developers, Jones proposed a connection among residing local americans of the 1800s and the prehistoric peoples who had created the Southeast's huge earthen mounds. His early learn and tradition comparisons ended in the eventual dying of the Mound Builder myth.

For this reissue of Jones's publication, a brand new advent through Frank Schnell areas Jones's paintings within the context of his occasions and relates it to present study within the Southeast. An engagingly written paintings more suitable through quite a few maps and engravings, Antiquities of the Southern Indians will serve brand new students and fascinate all readers drawn to the region's prehistory.

Frank T. Schnell Jr. is an Archaeologist and Historian on the Columbus Museum in Columbus, Georgia.

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8. Pot with Legs. 9 and 10. Bowl~. ) xlviii LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS. PLATE XXVIII. ) Fig. 1. Jar. 2. Burial-ern. 3 and 4. Vessels with Narrow Necks. 5-10. Pottery from Stone Graves of Tennessee. PLATE XXIX. ) Figs. 1-32. " PLATE XXX. ) Figs. 1 anti 2. 'Yalupum or Shell Money.. 3 nnd 4. Shell Gorgets. 5-7. Shell Pins. 8. The Oliva 3S a Shell Bead. 9. The Marginella as a Shell Beau. 10-12. Itnperforate Colulnns of Sea-Shells as Articles of Cornmerce. 13. Bone Bead. 14-19. Typical Forrns of Shell Bea<1s.

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