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By John Hagan, Kim Lane Scheppele, Tom R. Tyler eds.

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Leader Justice John Marshall argued structure "requires that in basic terms its nice outlines can be marked [and] its vital gadgets particular. " Ours is "intended to undergo for a while to come back, and therefore, to be tailored to some of the crises of human affairs. " in recent times, Marshall's nice truths were challenged by way of proponents of originalism and strict development.

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In this approach, trials occur when there are irreconcilable conflicts between the litigants as to assessments over the likely outcome in court; these irreconcilable conflicts reflect differences the parties could not eliminate even if all information were commonly known. Analyses with irreconcilable assessments that drive the possibility of settlement failure are known as inconsistent priors analyses. Thus, the decision-theoretic models provide the possibility of inefficient settlement bargaining, but the cause of the inefficiency lies in intransigence on the part of the litigants.

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