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By Julius Firmicus Maternus

The translator, Jean Rhys Bram, writes, "Magic, philosophy, technological know-how and theology mix in unusual methods within the taking into account the final centuries of the Roman empire..... Firmicus appeared worthwhile of notice for plenty of purposes. he's virtually on my own as writer of works produced either ahead of and after an obvious conversion to Christianity.... He left a long guide detailing the astrological practices of his day, the one paintings which has come all the way down to us in its entirety [90% whole: Holden] out of diverse astrological treatises written within the Hellenistic and Roman periods..... This guide used to be very important since it used to be the channel for astrological lore to the center a long time and Renaissance." (from the Preface) one of many most interesting of all historical astrological texts, this is often additionally one of many best-translated.

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3. Let us therefore follow the conclusions of correct reasoning, and concede that nothing is placed in our power, but the whole is in the power of Fate. Whatever we do or suffer, the whole thing happens to us by this same judgment of Fortune. X [CONCLUSION. INVOCATION TO THE EMPEROR] 1. Now that all these things have been explained-all these things which show the force of Fate and the laws of the decreeing planets~letus return to the question we left in the first part, the one about the compleXions and characters of men.

3. In the first region, in the area of Alexandria, or in the second, in the area of Babylonia, and in all other regions which lie near to these, the signs· rise in this period: Aries rises in the 20th year. Taurus " 24th Gemini " 28th 32nd Cancer 36th Leo 40th Virgo 40th Libra also 36th Scorpio II II II II II Liber Secundus Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces II II " II II II " II 41 32nd " 28th 24th 20th II II II 4. In the region which is near Rhodes and in other adjacent regions: Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra also Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces rises in the 19th year.

The last of the four are those of Mala Fortuna and Malus Daemon. Mala Fortuna is located in the sixth house from the ascendant but the Malus Daemon in the twelfth from the ascendant. But Mala Fortuna is called Cace Tyche by the Greeks, and Malortuna is called Cace Tyche by the Greeks, and Malus Daemon, that is, the twelfth house from the ascendant, the Greeks call Cacodaemon. XVIII THE SEQUENCE OF EACH HOUSE 1. Now we ought to know which of these twelve houses precede and which follow, that is, which are the first houses, which the second, so that ....

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