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The circuit impedance Z) isfoundfrom Analogue Electronics for Higher Studies 30 Therefore the signa/lost in Cs is Clearly such a loss cannot be ignored and further consideration of the effects ofC« willfollow later in this chapter. le= v i =--::lI Z V X ~e 1 Z R v . 9 Impedance triangle If a graph was plotted of amplifier gain against log of frequency it would illustrate the effects of the coupling capacitor, Ce , and the stray capacitance, Cs . 1f2, where the effects of the two capacitances are negligible.

1 Vmax=Vmax(1-e ) -t CR ) 53 3. 1 C R Integrating circuits can be used to introduce a short time delay. However, the exponential curve of voltage rise across the capacitor is unsuitable for many digital circuits and a Schmitt trigger (or voltage comparator) has to be used to square-up the switching pulse . 6 shows the effect of the integrating circuit in combination with the Schmitt trigger producing a short time delay. 6 shows an arrangement in which the C-R integrating circuit causes the voltage across the capacitor to rise exponentially towards the input voltage level.

11. As C, is a series component it is shown as a short-circuit and C, is shown as an open-circuit. 11 Mid band equivalent circuit Note that with Cc treated as a short-circuit, V2 = V3. It can be clearly seen that the output load resistance is made up of four resistors connected in parallel. 12) . 12 Simplified circuit 33 2. 2314n Note: Remember that the effective resistance of several resistors in parallel is always less than the lowest resistor value. e. , calculate: (a) the gain ofthe amplifier.

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