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By Godfrey Higgins

Anacalypsis is the name of a long two-volume treatise written through spiritual historian Godfrey Higgins in 1833. The e-book is densely written, in language that during areas appears to be like cryptic. It has hidden layers of which means, it searches for the common beginnings of faith, and took twenty years to accomplish. This e-book is offered at a fragment of the price of the Print model.

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30 Degrees 1 Month . 30 Days 1 Sign 60 Hours I Day . 60 Hours . I Degree . . 1 Hour . 60 Minutes 1 Hour . 60 Minutes 60 Seconds. 1 Minute . 60 Seconds . . 1 Minute . . 29 . About the time this was going on, it would be found that the Moon made thirteen lunations in a year, of twentyeight days each, instead of twelve only of thirty : from this they would get their Lunar year much nearer the truth than their Solar one . They would have thirteen months of four weeks each . They would also soon discover that the planetary bodies were seven ; and after they had become versed in the science of astrology, they allotted one to each of the days of the week ; a practice which we know prevailed over the whole of the Old World .

IN C<Ic DRUIDS, Preliminary Observations . Chapter I 2 language, or that of the Latins, which was in fact their language in a later time, was the same as the Sanscrit of India . This I have proved not merely by the uncertain mode of shewing that their words are similar, but by the construction of the language. The absolute identity of the modes of comparison of the adjective, and of the verb impersonal, which in my proof I have made use of, cannot have been the effect of accident . The words which I have used above for the first calculation, and for the instruments used in its performance, calculus' and calculation, are Latin, the language of the descendants of the Etruscans, and thus may have been readily derived from the earliest people of the world, whether Asiatic or European .

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