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By Patricia J. Telesco

Takes you past the ''101'' magical books. This booklet is designed as a helpmate, guiding the reader to maneuver at his or her personal velocity, utilizing own imaginative and prescient as a consultant and guru. it truly is written in particular for the religious seeker who's aiming towards enlightenment within the right here and now via in charge, life-affirming, artistic magick.

Beginning with a second of introspection, that will help you contemplate the place your course has taken you so far, and if you are really able to take the subsequent steps towards adept residing, the ebook then presents brilliant rules and actions to problem the spirit together with:

* Defining real understanding. * studying to take advantage of the senses to enhance magickal approaches and enhance perception. * identifying the magickal arts most suitable on your targets and development. * discovering, connecting with, and honoring one's ''Tribe'' for either help and fellowship.

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Some priestesses raise their arms, guiding the cone of power on its way. Some practitioners cast a circle using the pointer finger to channel energy as opposed to a wand. Sitting on the ground at the end of a ritual helps us return to normal levels of awareness. Turning your hands outward directs the energy of a spell outward, and turning them inward directs that energy to you. These examples show how we can create physically meaningful postures from which we can see and feel the desired effect.

I truly believe an in-depth study of these, and learning to apply them effectively, will lead to improved results in our daily life and our magick. All life, all energy consists of a specific pattern that makes it unique, rather like a fingerprint. For example, in very mundane terms a pad of paper bears the pattern of a rectangle with length, width, and height. One pad of paper will not match every other pad of paper in those three dimensions (or the binding used), but the basic structure is the same.

What are the basic strictures of your beliefs and how flexible are they to meet the moment and a changing world? * How do you see god (active, inactive, as one face, as many)? * What is your view on other spiritual paths, even those with which you might not always agree? g. )? * How do you see others in your faith changing as time goes on, and how will this affect the stability of the whole? * Which role(s) do you see yourself accepting in your faith and why? 34 The Book of You * What attracted you to your current belief system and does that factor still hold appeal?

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