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By Antoine-Joseph Pernety

It is a hugely advised paintings on alchemy. Althought it does not precisely provide away any "secrets" it is helping clarify a lot of the worldview of the alchemists of historical (and modern!) times.

"Of the technique of Arriving on the mystery the necessities worthy with a purpose to arrive at this mystery, are: the information of Nature and of one's self. One would possibly not comprehend the 1st completely, or perhaps the second one, with no the help of Alchemy. the affection of knowledge, the horror of crime, and of falsehood, ... the organization of the clever, the invocation of the Holy Spirit; to not upload mystery to mystery, to connect one's self purely to 1 factor (because God and Nature take pleasure in team spirit and simplicity), such are the stipulations priceless for acquiring the divine revelation. guy being the epitome of all Nature, needs to discover ways to recognize himself because the precis, the miniature of Nature. by means of his non secular half he's allied to all immortal creatures, and by way of his fabric half, to all that that is brief within the Universe."

- Antoine-Joseph Pernety, who was once among different issues a Benedictine Monk, and Librarian of Frederick the good, King of Prussia.

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Pernety, Dict. Mytho-Herm. 281. 34 Copyright © Flaming Sword Productions 1997 The Great Art page 45 Of the Operations of Nature Sublimation, distillation and concoction are three instruments or methods of operating which Nature employs to perfect her works. By the first she throws off the superfluous moisture, which would smother the Fire, and hinder its action in the earth, its matrix. By distillation she returns to the earth the moisture of which vegetation, or heat, have deprived it. Sublimation is made by the elevation of vapours in the air, where they are condensed into clouds.

It diffused Light instantly, reduced from latent into actual existence the germs of things, up to this time confused in chaos, and, by a constant alternation of coagulations and resolutions, it maintains all individuals scattered through all the mass; it animates each part of it, and by a continual and secret operation, it gives movement to each individual, according to the genius and species to which it has appointed it. It is, properly speaking, the soul of the world; and he who ignores or denies it, ignores the laws of the Universe.

The Soul, purely spiritual, holds the reins. It guides the spirit, and conducts it in all its deliberate actions. Sometimes it does not give it time to communicate its orders, and to exercise its empire. It acts of itself; it puts in play the resources of the body, and Man then acts simply as an animal. These actions one calls first impulse,29 and those which one makes without reflection, such as coming, going, eating, when one is worried by some serious affair which occupies him entirely. The animal obeys always, infallibly, his natural inclination, because it tends only to the preservation of its transient, mortal existence, in which lies all its happiness and welfare.

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