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By Richard Erdoes, Alfonso Ortiz

This very good assortment gathers one hundred sixty stories from eighty tribal gathers to provide a wealthy and energetic landscape of the local American mythic history. From all around the continent come stories of production and love, of heroes and conflict, of animals, tricksters, and the top of the area. Alfonso Ortiz, an eminent anthropologist, and Richard Erdoes, an artist and grasp storyteller, Indian voices within the most sensible folkloric assets of the 19th century to make this the main accomplished and genuine quantity of yankee Indian myths on hand anywhere.

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MOYERS: There are times when I think maybe primitive men and women were just telling these stories to entertain themselves. CAMPBELL: No, they are not entertainment stories. We know they are not entertainment stories because they can be told only at certain times of the year and under certain conditions. There are two orders of myths. The great myths, like the myth of the Bible, for example, are the myths of the temple, of the great sacred rituals. They explain the rites by which the people are living in harmony with themselves and each other and with the universe.

MOYERS: The voice of reason -- is that the philosophical way suggested by these mythological symbols? CAMPBELL: That's right. C. This is the date of the Buddha and of Pythagoras and Confucius and Lao-tzu, if there was a Lao-tzu. This is the awakening of man's reason. No longer is he informed and governed by the animal powers. No longer is he guided by the analogy of the planted earth, no longer by the courses of the planets -- but by reason. MOYERS: The way of -CAMPBELL: -- the way of man. And of course what destroys reason is passion.

Everyone has to pass a threshold of some kind. That is an archetypal thing. So there is a basic mythological theme there even though it is a personal dream. These two levels -- the personal aspect and then the big general problem of which the person's problem is a local example -- are found in all cultures. For example, everyone has the problem of facing death. This is a standard mystery. MOYERS: What do we leam from our dreams? CAMPBELL: You learn about yourself. MOYERS: How do we pay attention to our dreams?

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