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By Daniel Logan

Within entrance flap: From Charles Manson's a number of murders to the proliferation of recent diabolic cults to the truths in the back of a few of modern-day headlines, Daniel Logan lays naked the mechanics at the back of satan worship, experiences at the perform of voodoo and different historic rituals, and exposes the harmful forces permeating each point of our society. He additionally finds his personal own confrontations with those darkish forces. Mr. Logan is a clairvoyant.

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THE BOARD : Yes . QUESTION (Jane) : Was it a painful death? THE BOARD : Yes . QUESTION : Was Jennifer used in the cult? THE BOARD : Yes . She liked it. THE BOARD : QUESTION : [ 36 ] (Eileen) : Exactly how were John and Jennifer used in this witches' cult? BOARD : Sexually . . sex rituals . . black magic. QUESTION THE Out of complete embarrassment in front of Jane and Eileen, I immediately changed the subject and asked the supposed Bob Widdenfield if he liked Eileen . YES, the planchette pointed out .

One of the most wellknown examples is Aleister Crowley . Crowley was born in England in 1875 . He attended Cambridge, where his investigations into the occult began in earnest, although he had always expressed an interest in psychic matters . While at Cambridge, Crowley became angered with one of the masters there . Having read extensively about black-art rituals and the power contained therein, Crowley attempted to place a curse on the master who had reprimanded him . One night, when the moon was full, Crowley took a group of gullible followers into the meadows that surrounded Cambridge .

The accusers were truly possessed by an evil force, I believe, and their mentor was the evil slave Tituba . This woman, steeped in the ritual and evil conjuring of Africa and the Caribbean, was guilty of unleashing the Devil in the early American [55] colonies. It is too bad that in popular literature she has come to represent innocent stupidity, for she was cunning enough to save her own neck and falsely accuse nine persons, most of whom were put to death . Thirteen persons were hanged and more than a hundred and fifty imprisoned before the good men of Salem came to their senses .

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