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By David Harel, Yishai Feldman

The top promoting 'Algorithmics' provides an important, thoughts, tools and effects which are basic to the technology of computing.  It begins by means of introducing the elemental rules of algorithms, together with their buildings and techniques of information manipulation.  It then is going directly to display how one can layout actual and effective algorithms, and discusses their inherent limitations.  because the writer himself says within the preface to the book; 'This ebook makes an attempt to give a readable account of a few of crucial and simple issues of laptop technology, stressing the elemental and powerful nature of the technology in a sort that's almost autonomous of the main points of particular desktops, languages and formalisms'.

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An algorithm that solves this problem might be constructed so that an outer loop runs down the list as before, but for each employee “pointed at” an inner loop searches the list for the record of that employee’s direct manager. When the manager has finally been found, a conditional construct is used to determine whether or not the employee’s salary should be accumulated in the “noted number,” a decision that requires comparing the two salaries. Upon completing this “internal” activity, the outer loop resumes control and proceeds to the next employee, whose manager is then sought for, until the end of the list is reached.

Without using the variable, there would appear to be no way to keep the first element around without losing it. This illustrates the use of variables as memory or storage in an algorithm. Of course, the fact that elements are exchanged many times in one run of bubblesort does not mean that we need many variables—the same “box” can be used each time. cls March 18, 2004 13:47 2. Algorithms and Data 35 in the bubblesort algorithm are disjoint; no exchange starts before the previous one has ended. Variables can thus be reused.

Here is an algorithm for carrying out this task: (1) make a note of the number 0; (2) proceed through the list, adding each employee’s salary to the noted number; (3) having reached the end of the list, produce the noted number as output. cls February 25, 2004 14:38 1. 3 13 start Summing salaries. Name Salary John Brown $21,000 Jack White $34,400 Mike Green $18,000 Joan Silver $26,000 Value of noted number 0 21,000 55,400 73,400 547,200 end Before proceeding, we should first convince ourselves that this simple algorithm does the job.

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