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By Aleister Crowley

Главные инструкции о ведении магического дневника (важной практики системы научного иллюминизма), включая работу «Джон Ст. Джонс», опубликованную в Эквиноксе, 1909г. «Мастер Храма» - текст, взятый из магического дневника Брата Ахада и другие.

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As I look back upon these years, I declare that all hath been very well. For so great is the Reward which I (unworthy) have attained that the Ordeals seem but incidents hardly worthy to mention, save in so far as they are the Levers by which I moved the World. Even those dreadful periods of "dryness" and of despair seem but the necessary lying fallow of the Earth. All those "false paths" of Magic and of Meditation and of Reason were not false paths, but steps upon the true Pathj even as a tree must shoot downwards its roots into the Earth in order that it may flower, and bring forth fruit in its season.

How delighted I was to realize they were taken from the initial work I had done in my xl / The Magical Diary diary and could be easily reconstructed from that more permanent record. Similarly, in Crowley's 1923 Diary, (page 136) August 30, he entered a commentary on The Book of the Law, Chapter I, verses 1-20, which to my knowledge is otherwise unpublished and quite interesting. And then the Diary Saved my Life For what it is worth, I believe at one point my Magical Record helped stave off a potential suicide.

30. Read Ritual DCLXXI. [The nature of this Ritual is explained later. lD. I have returned from my shopping. Strange how solemn and dignified so trivial a thing becomes, once one has begun to concentrate! I bought two pears, half a pound of Garibaldi biscuits, and a packet of Gaufrettes. I had a citron pressel too, at the Dome. At the risk of violating the precepts of Zoroaster 170 and 144 I propose to do a Tarot divination for this Operation. I should explain first that I write this record for other eyes than mine, since I am now sufficiently sure of myself to attain something or otherj but I cannot foretell exactly what form the attainment may take.

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