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At the back of the confined quarters was a space that had probably contained a bed. Now there was a small square table with a built-in illuminated touch-sensitive screen. Mainly it was used to display maps and objectives for the various IRD operations in which Cole and Paige had taken part. As soon as the Skinners were inside, Adderson led them back to join the two men who sat there. ” Cole chuckled at that. Compared to Adderson, he and Paige always looked like hell. Paige crumpled up her paper cup and tossed it into a small receptacle that Cole hoped was a trash can.

Glass creaked and bits of ice rapped against the side of the car as if the winter itself had sprouted claws.  . ” the woman asked. Two sets of claws wedged into the driver’s side door, one at the base of the window and another near the handle. With a minimum of effort, the door was separated from its frame and tossed aside. Outside, a tall creature stood wearing a thick coat of light blond fur peppered with streaks of darker brown and encrusted with chunks of snow. Blood was already frozen where it had been spilled.

Just forecasted to be cold. ” “Little Paige Strobel in her pigtails and backpack. ” Cole’s thoughts were cut short by a quick thump of Paige’s boot against his ribs. He could barely feel the blow through his two flannel shirts and T-shirt but wasn’t about to ask for a follow-up shot. Even if she’d put some real mustard behind the blow, his outermost layer would have absorbed it on its own. The long coat he wore was tailored from strips of Full Blood hide and allowed him to shrug off direct shotgun blasts.

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