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By Colin Wilson

Is the near-death event a protection mechanism of the mind or have humans truly been at the threshold of one other global? Colin Wilson assesses the proof that includies mediumship, paranormal task, spirit sightings, and spirit communications. especially, he comprises the awesome case histories of people that declare to have "died, " and pronounced their stories of the afterlife.

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During the therapy, Art’s mother discovered that she had a cancerous growth, and had to have an operation. The ‘Veronica’ who spoke through Art’s mouth agreed that this might be because she was robbing herself of vitality by ‘possessing’ her son. And at this point, Art’s ‘inner voice’ began to fade, until he finally ceased to hear it. But there was a remarkable change in his mother in Detroit. She had been experiencing a slow deterioration, and emotional withdrawal from life. Now, suddenly, her vitality began to return; she started going out and making new friends.

How life arose. Dawkins’s ‘replicator molecule’. The philosophy of vitalism. Does life exist apart from matter? Colonel Dudgeon goes fire walking. Driesch and Bergson. How Adam Crabtree became convinced. The case of Anna Ecklund. Ralph Allison’s case of Carrie. The case of Elise. ‘Possessing spirits’. The case of Sophia. The aim of this book. Postscript C. D. ’ But do they? My encounter with Martha, the ‘materialisation medium’. Raymond Lodge loses his temper. Spirits have nothing to add to the sum total of human thought.

Slowly, the energy seemed to diminish until the writing stopped. But Pat felt oddly dissociated for the rest of the day. Later that evening a second session was held. This time several different ‘entities’ used Pat’s hand to write, and the messages were of a ‘coarse nature’. ’. ‘Everywhere … nowhere. ’ After that she seemed to become very cagey. Then the handwriting changed to that of Pat’s deceased brother Tom, and there was a message of love and comfort. But when Pat said how moved she felt, her girlfriend snapped: ‘That wasn’t Tom.

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