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Trying to demythologize the method of death, Nuland explores how we will die, every one people in a fashion that might be specific. via specific tales of dying--of sufferers, and of his personal family--he examines the seven most typical roads to dying: outdated age, melanoma, AIDS, Alzheimer's, injuries, center sickness, and strokes, revealing the features of death's multiplicity.

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When she drew attention, it had not been for her dazzle, but for her motley.... But the university was to have changed all that. There, displaced persons like herself were to have been gathered up in a kind of universal freedom. But now on her first day in the gym, Ellie knew nothing had changed. There again she realized that not only was she watching the others, but the others were watching her. Fiercely she asked, what was different about her? Ellie tried to observe more closely. She had come from the same public schools, failed to observe the same religious holidays, played sanguinely in the same city streets and taken the same college boards.

Old age," you might think to yourself. " In this way I keep myself insured against every contingency. My highest premium is paid to the Company against loss of faith in the Company. If this seems absurd, just think about it a moment. It's my livelihood, isn't it? And don't pianists insure their hands? dancers their legs? Thus I am heavily insured against Catastrophic Despair, the first sign of which, as you may have observed, is unbelief. Since joining the Company I have tried to handle all claims equitably: I am a professional, not one who single-mindedly, and with obvious self-interest, bucks for the Company.

Now this client, Mr. Todd, had shut himself up in his room, refusing to eat or drink. He had set his record player to play con- Page 11 tinuouslysome very sentimental song from the thirties. A Benny Goodman record, I believe. When I arrived at L Building, he was still playing the same record. The apartment was a shambles. His splendid German Shepherd, Bailiff, was chained to the sink. " Because even suicides, as a final, abortive gesture will often free their dogs or open the cages for their canary.

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