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2001). ZZ triconometrics inAntitntst quality and the plaintiffs goods did not, it would be impossible to tell whether a profit differential between the plaintiff and the defendant was to the defendant's allegedly unlawful conduct or the plaintiffs failure to offer that prodttct qualtty. When two or more explanatory variables are correlated perfestlydue that is, when there is perfect collinearity-one cannot estimate the 'When two or more variables are highly, but not regression parameters. perfectly, correlate&-tlhat is, when there is multicollinearity-the regfession can be estimated, but some concern remain.

The court co-ncluded that the use of different model specifications demonstrated ;il th. "); bhio rel. Montgomery v. Louis Trauth Dairy, 925 F. Supp. D. "). 19. , Colorado ex 20. No. S. Dist. D. Ill. rel. Woodard v. , 1987-1 Trade Cas. (ccH) n67,476,at59,992 (D. Colo. 1987) (utilizing econometric models to prove fact of injury and amount of certain antitust damages). 28,2001). 21. Id 22. See Estate of Bud Hill,1997 23. Id. 24. Id. 2s. 26. 27. Id. Id. Id. S. Dist. LEXS, at *15-16. Sept. 2e lhe testimony "does not lend itself to verification .

Id. 68. Id; see Sanner v. Bd. of Trade, No. S. Dist. D. Ill. Sept. 28,2001) (excluding expert's testimony regarding artificiality of market prices and impact of the defendants' actions on market for time period from which expert conducted no regression analyses but rather reviewed previous period data, on which he regfessions, and used "guesswork and eyeballing" to draw conclusions). In re Polypropylene Carpet Antitrust Litigation, 93 F. Supp. D. 2000). Id. Id. did run 69. 70. 7r. 40 lTconometrics in Antitrust was ignorant of material testimony and other evidence; .

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