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G. A-ΝΝΑ hardu 'and for produce let him have eyes'; cf. '; cf. loc. sg. hal-ku-es-ni (e. g. '; cf. ibid. 22 nu-za halkuessar handämi Ί arrange the produce'; ibid. 23 — 24 nu-za halkuessar handäizzi mahhan-ma-za halkuessar handäuwanzi zinnäi... '; LIII I 1 I 6; LIII 2 I 6; cf. -acc. pi. A (XVIII 14 III 3). Laroche (RHA 11:39 — 40 [1950]) connected halkuessar etymologically with halki- (presumably as a denominal abstract of the type ispantuzziyassar, ispatuzzessar from ispantuzzi-; cf. Kronasser, Etym.

Ha-li-is-si-ya-an-da-an {KUΒ XXIX 7 + KBo XXI 41 Rs. BABBAR GUSKIN tepu haliss[iyan]dan anda tarnanzi 'then they launch a small boat lightly plated with silver [and] gold'; cf. -acc. sg. neut. ha-lis-si-an {KBo XVIII 172 Vs. RA GI§ NAGGA halissiyan 'two mountain sheep of wood, tin-plated'; cf. von Brandenstein, Heth. Götter 14; IBoTU 129 Vs. BABBAR halissiyan esta kinun-ma-at ÜL halissiyan 'the stands, staircase, and cart had been plated, but now they [are] not plated; the seat had been fully silver-plated, but now it [is] not plated'), ha-li( s) -es-si-ya-an (dupl.

Archi, in Florilegium Anatolicum 41 [1979]), 3 pi. pres. midd. in KU Β X X I X 1 IV 1 n-at-san hassl halihliyandäri 'they genuflect at the hearth' (cf. M . F. Carini, Athenaeum 60:500 [1982]; M. Marazzi, Vicino Oriente 5:160 [1982]), 3 pi. imp. midd. hal)ihliyandaru {Bo 3417 Rs. 9); iter, halihliski-, 1 sg. pres. act. ha-li-ih-li-is-ki-mi {KUΒ X X V I 86 III 4 — 5 nu-tta halihliskimi nu duddu hal[zihhi Ί shall genuflect before you a n d call for p a r d o n ' ; with -za, 203/f, 6; cf. C a r r u b a , SM ΕA 18:194 [1977]), 3 sg.

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