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By Israel Regardie

A simple creation to the sensible Qabala as a highway map to the subconscious, and to Man's interrelationship with the Universe -- with specific emphasis on mental integration, magick, and non secular progress.

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The Qabalistic doctrine admittedly is not explicit there, but analysis reveals it to be tacitly assumed, and the many cryptic remarks of several of the more important Rabbis can have no particle of meaning without the implication of a mystical philosophy cherished and venerated in their hearts, and affecting the whole of their teaching. In his brilliant essay, "The Origin of Letters and Numerals according to the Sepher Yetsirah", Mr. Phineas Mordell argues that the Pythagorean Number Philosophy (the greatest enigma of all philosophical systems of antiquity) is identical with that of the Sepher Yetsirah, and mSTORICAL SURVEY 21 that its philosophy apparently emanated from one of the Hebrew prophetic schools.

A disciple of his, Joseph Gikatilla, wrote in the interests and defence of his teacher a number of treatises dealing with the several aspects of exegesis established by him. The Zohar is the next major development. This book combining, absorbing, and synthesizing the different features and doctrines of the previous schools, made its debut, creating a profound sensation in theological and philosophical circles by reason of its speculations concerning God, the doctrine of Emanations, the evolution of the Universe, the Soul and its transmigrations, and its final return to the Source of All.

Its colour is grey; its perfume the orchitic Musk, plant the Amaranth, which is the flower of immortality; and the Four Twos of the Tarot. Its precious stones are the Star Ruby representing the male energy of the creative Star, and the Turquoise suggesting Mazlos, the Sphere of the Zodiac. : The Zohar also attributes to Chokmah the first letter Yod • of the Tetragrammaton YHVH, a formula which will be more fully explained later. The Yod also has attributed to it the Four Kings of the Tarot. The attributions of the Tetragrammaton should be very carefully followed, for much of Zoharic speculation devolves upon them.

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