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By Walter E. Crum

Essential for college students of the Coptic Language. issues have occurred when you consider that its free up even though, that you should are looking to mix with a few more moderen lexica. Very thorough, yet with a distinct alphabetical approach in accordance with the consonant roots of the phrases.

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5 words with compression involving vowels: flowered, biennial, biannual, obviously, bicentennial. A: ðiːz plɑːnts hæv nt flaəd ət ɔːl ðɪs jɪə aɪ bɔːt ðəm frəm ə rep jə təb l kʌmp ni‖bət aɪ θɪŋk ðeɪ mʌs bi rɒt n B: ðɪs leɪb l sez ðeə baɪ en jelz A: səʊ ðeɪ ɔːt tə flaʊ ə twaɪs ə jɪə B: nəʊ ðəʊz ə baɪ æn julz‖baɪ en jel plɑːnts əʊn li flaʊ ə ev ri ʌð ə jɪə‖jɔː plɑːnts ɒb vjəs ly ɑːnt flaʊ ər ɪŋ bɪ kɒz ðɪs ɪs ðə fɜːʃ jɪə A: aɪ θɔːt ə baɪ en jel wəz ə sɔːt əv tuː hʌndr əd jɪər æn ɪ vɜːs ri‖naɪn tiːn eɪt i naɪn wəz ðə baɪ en jel əv ðə frenʃ rev ə luːʃ n‖ən ðə wəz ə greɪt sel ɪ breɪʃ n ɪn pæ rɪs B: nəʊ jɔː θɪŋk ɪŋ əv baɪ sen ten jel A: əʊ ði əd vɑːnt ɪʤ ɪz əv ə klæs ɪk l ed ju keɪʃ n 52 EXERCISE 39 2.

A ˌmisspent ˈyouth EXERCISE 55 1a. ˌaudio-ˈvisual b. ˌaudio-◦visual ˈaids 2a. ˌautoˈmatic b. ˌauto◦matic ˈpilot 4a. ˌopeˈrational b. ˌope◦rational reˈsearch 3a. ˌoccuˈpational 5a. ˌradioˈactive b. ˌoccu◦pational ˈtherapy b. ˌradio◦active deˈcay EXERCISE 56 (suggested versions: others are possible) 2. the sun at midday 3. an agent who works undercover 4. income which is unearned 5. a man who is middle-aged 6. railings made of cast-iron 7. g. g. ˌcentral 'heating Monday evenings English teacher Spanish accent civil engineer driving ambition South America EXERCISE 60 1a.

6. The baron ruled over hundreds of acres of barren land. 7. The assistant who packed the box left out this packet. 8. If the clasp of your brooch is too loose, you could easily lose it. 9. There are ten canons at Westchester Cathedral, and ten cannons at Westchester Castle. 10. A teacher wouldn't lessen my interest in the subject by giving one tedious lesson. g. g. g. VAT ˌviː eɪ ˈtiː væt (value added tax) EXERCISE 80 AIM: To use the dictionary to check the pronunciation of abbreviations.

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