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The publication leads the reader via those shiny tales, from the origins of the gods via to the homecomings of the Trojan heroes. all of the well-known narratives are right here, besides a few much less universal characters and motifs. as well as the stories, the e-book explains key concerns coming up from the narratives, and discusses the myths and their wider relevance.This long-overdue e-book crystallises 3 key components of curiosity: the character of the stories; the tales themselves; and the way they've got and may be interpreted. For the 1st time, it brings jointly facets of Greek mythology purely frequently on hand in disparate types - specifically children's books and educational works. there'll be a lot right here that's fascinating, staggering, and unusual in addition to well-known. specialists and non-experts, adults, scholars and schoolchildren alike will achieve leisure and perception from this attention-grabbing and significant quantity.

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1, 6; Probus 16, 105. Legat. 1 1 , 78. HELLENISTIC JUDAISM AND PHILO 29 14 have seen, he mentions also among the gods without dis­ tinguishing them as demigods. Besides heroes, he denounces also the deification of kings, with especial reference to the claim of Caligula, considering such a claim as being only a ridiculous imitation of ancient Greek deification of heroes and suggesting that this deification of kings, with particular reference to the case of Caligula, found no recognition among people, whether Greeks or barbarians, except among the native Egyptians of Alexandria, who were susceptible to it by reason of their belief in animal worship.

Ps. 32: 13. Exod. 6:26; Isa. 26:12; 45:7; Job 25:2. » Somrt. II, 38, 253. Leg. All. I l l , 25, 79; cf. Gen. 14:18. "" In still another place, he happens to quote from the Septuagint the divine appellation " the Most H i g h " (4 C^ioros)," which he undoubtedly knew to be used as a Greek appellation of Zeus, and consequently, in order to show that the application of that term to God does not imply a polytheistic belief, as it does in its application to Zeus, he immediately adds: "not that there is any other not most high .

Also P. Heinisch, Das Buch der fVeisheit, ad loc. * Wisdom of Solomon 1 4 : 1 7 - 2 1 . Cf. Erman, op. , pp. 36-37. * Aristeas, 137; cf. uxAoroUn in Republic II, 377 B . ; cf. Conf. 38,190. 6 j t 6 68 HELLENISTIC JUDAISM AND PHILO 15 6 9 His presence," they prophesy that the Egyptian goddess Isis and the Graeco-Egyptian god Serapis shall pass away at the presence of the immortal God. While, with the ex­ ample of Scripture before them, they have no objection to describing God by general Greek terms for the gods, they never apply to God the proper name of any of the Greek deities.

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