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The crucial nature of these elementary, beginning steps is all too often overlooked by other systems and this does an i ll service to the novice. True success with magic is built upon a foundation of simple things - the firmer the foundation, the farther the student will be able to rise. In Step One, the student will find the basics of the rest of the course: Meditation, Introspection and Self-Discipline. I cannot stres s s ufficiently ho w absolutely essential these three things are to genuine magic.

The Magnetic Fluid is found within the Water's contractiveness, cold and d arkness. The Mag netic Fl uid gives f orm to the Electric force and everywhere in our world, they act in unison. The Fluids are the two primal forces and the Elements are their extensions or modifications. Each of the Elements can be said to have a specific ElectroMagnetic charge. The Fire Element is predominantly Electric and the Water, Magnetic. The Air represents a balance of the two Fluids (the continuum which connects these two poles) -- the perfect hermaphrodite, capable of accepting the inf luence of eit her Fluid.

But this does not negate their reality as beings which have an existence separate from o ur individual minds. It i s only the ir astral FO RMS which p ertain to t he human psyche, not their existence. Karma / Cause and Effect: It is prudent for the student to contemplate hard and long upon the topic of cause and effect. This law is a f riend of t he magician as it i s the workings of this law that magicians use to craft their a scent. For example, as you work at improving your character, you will follow certain practices which will cause your negative traits to be replaced by m ore positive one s.

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