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By Steve McVey

Could many churchgoing Christians be getting a diluted Christianity—one that diminishes the loving, giving, personal God who presents the believer every thing in existence? writer Steve McVey passionately yet unwittingly taught from the pulpit the very lies he now exposes. Forthrightly yet humbly, he indicates how pastors and church buildings can turn out distorting scriptural truths due to their preconceptions. establishing up the Scriptures freshly, Steve examines usual difficulties akin to

  • Leaving out half the truth: "Becoming a Christian skill having your sins forgiven." (We are also made alive!)
  • Using "shorthand" that promotes an unbiblical view: "Our sins are lower than the blood of Jesus." (Far greater, they have been taken away!)
  • Confusing our function with God's: "Salvation is giving your lifestyles to Christ." (More very important, He provides His lifestyles to us!) Readers will see that God's undiluted fact is often best...and brings a satisfying, shut courting with Him.
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    If a person doesn’t know any better, it could almost sound like an expression of genuine humility. ” This statement almost sounds super spiritual, but it’s still a lie. Your life is not all of Him and none of you. Think about it this way: When Jesus came into this world in human form, was it all of God and none of Him? No, to the contrary—it was all of God and all of Him. Jesus and His Father were in complete union so that He was 100 percent man and 100 percent God at the same time. Theologians call that phenomenon the hypostatic union, which means that Jesus was not 50 percent man and 50 percent God.

    We realized that He had already done it all. Nothing has changed in that regard now that you are following Jesus. We are to simply acknowledge that—no matter how hard we might try—we can do nothing to make ourselves stronger. Just like when we trusted Him when we experienced salvation, we have to come to Him in faith and total dependence that He will be the One who does what needs to be done. And He will. The apostle Paul said, “As you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him” (Colossians 2:6).

    Think about the relationship between a vine and branch. Can a branch produce fruit? No. If you need proof, just cut a branch off a vine or fruit tree, and watch awhile to see how much fruit is produced. However, if a branch is attached to the source with a flow of life, it can bear fruit. The branch is a great “fruit hanger,” but it is incapable of producing fruit on its own. That is a perfect representation of our ability to live the Christian life. We cannot produce it; no matter how hard we try, no matter how “dedicated” we are.

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