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By Pablo Garcia Loaeza

Verbs are the spine of any language, and if you cannot conjugate them, you cannot converse. This compilation of greater than 500 universal verbs can assist newbies in addition to the main complicated Spanish scholars. each one web page makes a speciality of somebody verb, providing complete conjugations of a number of tenses, plus sentences that illustrate its utilization.

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501 Latin Verbs

The main well-known 510 Latin verbs are prepared alphabetically in a desk layout, one verb in line with web page with English translation. every one verb is totally conjugated and awarded in all kinds. The book's extra gains comprise instance sentences to illustrate verb utilization and a grammar evaluate.

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Captando CARECER To lack, to be lacking Past part. carecido Ger. careciendo CARGAR To load, to bear, to charge, to fuel, to carry Past part. cargado Ger. cargando CASARSE To get married Casar To match up Past part. casado Ger. casando CASTIGAR To purcish, to penalize Past part. castigado Ger. castigando CAZAR To hunt Past part. cazado Ger. cazando CELEBRAR To celebrate, to perform Past part. celebrado Ger. celebrando CENAR To have dinner Past part. cenado Ger. cenando CEPILLAR To brush, to plane (wood) Cepillarse To brush one’s teeth, hair, etc.

Decidiendo DECIR To tell, to say Past part. dicho Ger. diciendo DECLARAR To declare, to state, to announce, to testify Past part. declarado Ger. declarando DEDUCIR To deduce, to deduct Past part. deducido Ger. deduciendo DEJAR To leave, to abandon, to let, to stop doing somethiag Past part. dejado Ger. dejando DEMOSTRAR To demonstrate, to show, to prove Past part. demostrado Ger. demostrando DERRAMAR To spill, to shed Past part. derramado Ger. derramando DERRIBAR To demolish, to knock down, to bring down Past part.

Por lo menos tampoco _____________ (romperse) muchos cora-zones por mi culpa. At least not many hearts have been broken because of me. Y ¿_________ (resolver, tú) hacer algo al respecto de tu vida amorosa? And have you resolved to do something about your love life? Todo lo que puedo decir es que no _________ (morir, yo) todavía. All that I can say is that I haven’t died yet. For the following sentences, conjugate the verbs in parentheses in the present tense of the subjunctive mood. ¿Qué quieres ser cuando _________ (ser, tú) grande?

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