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By Kyubyong Park

This is an entire examine advisor to the most typical Korean verbs
Korean verbs are infamous of their hassle for foreigners to grasp. East-to-use 500 uncomplicated Korean Verbs is the one entire advisor to the right kind utilization of Korean verbs to be had for English-speaking learners.
Each of the five hundred most crucial Korean verbs is gifted in a handy single-page layout that offers the verb's which means and pronunciation, and screens the verb's forty eight key tenses, speech degrees, and moods (all followed by way of romanizations). additionally integrated are a convenient advisor to verb conjugation and reference tables of uncomplicated Korean verb forms, besides three indexes (romanized, Hangeul, and English).
Included during this ebook are:

  • Conjugations through annoying, speech degrees, and mood.
  • "Model verb" approach fast identifies every one verb's pattern.
  • Sample sentenes demonstrating the verb's right usage.
  • Free downloadable audio presents pronunciations for the verbs and 1,000...
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    Example text

    Igeo dareun geollo bakkul ssu isseulkkayo Can I exchange this for another one? ■ 색깔을 바꾸는 게 나을 거 같아. saekkkareul bakkuneun ge naeul kkeo gata It would be better to change the color. ■ 소영이 좀 바꿔 주세요. soyeongi jom bakkwo juseyo Can I talk to Soyoung? bakkwida 바뀌다 to change, to be changed Present Past Future Declarative I 바뀌어 bakkwieo 바뀌었어 bakkwieosseo 바뀌겠어/바뀔 거야 bakkwigesseo/ bakkwil kkeoya II 바뀌어요 bakkwieoyo 바뀌었어요 bakkwieosseoyo 바뀌겠어요/바뀔 거예요 bakkwigesseoyo/ bakkwil kkeoyeyo III 바뀐다 bakkwinda 바뀌었다 bakkwieottta 바뀌겠다/바뀔 거다 bakkwigettta/ bakkwil kkeoda IV 바뀝니다 bakkwimnida 바뀌었습니다 bakkwieotsseumnida 바뀌겠습니다/바뀔 겁니다 bakkwigetsseumnida/ bakkwil kkeomnida Inquisitive I 바뀌어?

    Badadeurigesseoyo/ badadeuril kkeoyeyo III 받아들이니? badadeurini 받아들였니? /받아들일 거니? badadeurigenni/ badadeuril kkeoni IV 받아들입니까? badadeurimnikka 받아들였습니까? /받아들일 겁니까? badadeurigetsseumnikka/ badadeuril kkeomnikka Propositive I 받아들여 badadeuryeo Conjunctive and 받아들이고, 받아들이며 badadeurigo, badadeurimyeo II 받아들여요 badadeuryeoyo or 받아들이거나 badadeurigeona III 받아들이자 badadeurija but 받아들이지만, 받아들이는데 badadeurijiman, badadeurineunde IV 받아들입시다 badadeuripssida so 받아들여서, 받아들이니까 badadeuryeoseo, badadeurinikka Imperative I 받아들여 badadeuryeo in order to 받아들이려고 badadeuriryeogo II 받아들이세요 badadeuriseyo if 받아들이면 badadeurimyeon III 받아들여라 badadeuryeora Nominal ...

    Ing 아낌, 아끼기 akkim, akkigi IV 아끼십시오 akkisipssio Adverbial attempt | not 아껴 (보다) | 아끼지 (않다) akkyeo (boda) | akkiji (anta) Modifier 아끼는 akkineun 아낀 akkin 아낄 akkil Synonyms 1. 절약하다 2. 위하다 1. jeoryakada 2. wihada Causative 아끼게 하다 akkige hada Antonyms 1. 낭비하다 2. 무시하다 1. nangbihada 2. musihada Honorific 아끼시다 akkisida Passive — Humble — Sentence Patterns 무엇을 아끼다, 누구를 아끼다 mueoseul akkida, nugureul akkida Sample Sentences ■ 용돈을 아껴 써라. yongttoneul akkyeo sseora Save your pocket money. ■ 그는 아내를 많이 아낀다. geuneun anaereul mani akkinda He cherishes his wife.

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