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By Jim Unger

The abdominal bulges, the nostril is protuberant and the again is normally hunched. identical to the middle-aged, balding and bespectacled gentleman is unmistakable. In black and white or colour, in English or in German, Herman is a comic strip personality who offers an everyday dosage of levity and subtlety for addicted readers round the world.--OTTAWA CITIZEN.

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Paper) ISBN 978-0-520-96310-8 (ebook) 1. Mignola, Michael—Criticism and interpretation. 2. Hellboy (Fictitious character : Mignola) 3. —United States—History and criticism. I. Title. PN6727. 48–1992 (R 2002) (Permanence of Paper). This book is, of course, for Linus—my own little Hellboy. Monsters exist in margins. They are thus avatars of chance, impurity, heterodoxy; abomination, mutation, metamorphosis; prodigy, mystery, marvel. Allen Weiss Contents Introduction: Hellboy and the Adventure of Reading 1.

Occult Detection, Sublime Horror, and Predestination 3. Children’s Books, Color, and Other Nonlinear Pleasures 4. Hellboy and the Codicological Imagination 5. Hellboy at the Gates of Hell: Sculpture, Stasis, and the Comics Page Coda: Mignola, Goya, and the Monsters Appreciations Appendix: List of Works by Mike Mignola Notes Bibliography Index INTRODUCTION Hellboy and the Adventure of Reading Figure 1. Mike Mignola, Hellboy: The Fury, no. 2, cover. Dave Stewart, color. Dark Horse Comics, 2010. You are given a book from the school library.

6. Dave Stewart, color; Pat Brosseau, letters. Dark Horse Comics, 2001. Much of this is typical of Mignola’s art: the enveloping blackness, the reduction of visual detail, the emphasis on mass, the flatness of the color, the surprising quietude. So what world does it create for the reader? The first page is undeniably arty, highlighting the text of Poe’s Ligeia more than any other element. The blackness, as something of a Mignola hallmark, establishes generic expectations for the knowing reader.

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